Hit the ROAD RUN'n

July 17, 2017

So  -- tomorrow is the end of the transfer and I will be going back to the vista 5 ward and no longer covering the 10th ward as well -- that wasn't to much of a surprise.  he surprise came when I found out I get to train a new missionary starting on Tuesday -- which is crazy cause I technically finish my training on Tuesday. But at least I get to go back to riding a bike cause I can do that in vista 5th. I don't know what my new companion is going to be like but I am exited to find out.  Other than that, not a whole lot happened this week  -- other than a whole lot of riding in the car and talking.  We picked up a new investigator, Amber, she is cool and Jacob is doing great.  
Mormon Battallion Adventure

My District
My Zone

(His greenie/new companion -- don't know his name -- recieved this picture from a sister in Vista -- )



July 10, 2017

This whole transfer has gone bye amazingly fast. I've had so many exchanges, meeting, training, and appointments. Gone tracking, given and received so many challenges, zone parties to keep us out of trouble on the fourth, blessing, and bashers. Hope everyone had a great fourth of July.

Over all this week has been nice! 

So Jacob,  is on date for this Saturday and we are meeting with him this week to see how he feels about it. Our zone has topped the whole mission in productivity and all numbers  -- so we are having a party by the mission presidency. 

This is the LAST WEEK OF MY TRAINING,  so, on friday we go to the Mormon Battalion Site -- which is going to be great. Mormon Battalion  

While tracking,  we came across a couple that we talked to for a while and we've become good friends.  They gave us boiled quail eggs.  They are actualy pretty good. 

SO in presidents interviews he asked us to share our testimony about the Book of MOrmon -- that is when I realized that MY relationship with my Savoir has grown sooooo much closer because of reading the Book Of Mormon and the Bible.  But sooooo much more because of the Book of Mormon. 

I gave a talk in the 10th Ward Sacrament Meeting.  I will send it to you guys soon.  I had the whole thing memorized -- we only had a hour a day for half a week to write it. Elder Cattich asked me to take way more than the 15 mins cause he didn't have enough to take up the time --  so I talked for about 27 minites.  It was great. 

The people that I have met here in vista are amazing!


July 3,2017

SO this week has gone bye so fast, again!  We have had so many eetings,interview, training, and the temple. 

We got to go to the San Diego temple last Tuesday. It is so pretty to walk around it. It is so cool to see how you can become such great friends with the members here. There are a lot of really cool and fun people that will do love to help out. 

Last Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Phillips who is from Power Springs Georgia  -- so it was fun to talk about things we both knew about. 

The dinner appointment we had that day was with the Thompson family, and they gave us each a huge full rack of ribs. It was a lot of food and she told us that if we didn't finish it she would cry. They are a fun family. 

So today was fun I didn't realize that it was my B-Day until I was walking out the door of my apartment -- to go do my laundry -- and someone had made a cupcake with a happy B-Day Elder Hyde note on it. So, that was fun. Life is great.   

IT is kinda scary  -- cause these first two transfers have been going by so fast.  They say the longer you are a missionary they will go by even faster. 

Vanilla is my favorite cake. 

Things are Heat'n UP

June 26, 2017

So,  the June gloomy is over and the weather just keeps on getting hotter.

 If I was closer to the ocean side of the mission it would stay in the 70s but since I am in the middle of the mission it gets into the 90 a lot of the time. 
It is still better than in Temecula were it gets in to the 110 frequently. 

This week has been great.  We contacted a bunch of people --  which is cool because we seem to always be in the car -- make it hard to contact people.

I am really starting to learn the second ward that we cover this transfer. It is cool to see the way your outlook changes about people in the ward and areas when you pray and try to learn all you can about it. 

There are so many muscle and rare cars here that we see while we are going around. When we get the chance we try to talk to them. The amount of times that you get shut down or people yell at you for being in there area at the park, store, street, or fast food place really helps you enjoy the time when people will talk to you or wave back while they are driving.   

So we put Jacob on date for July 15, handed out 4 book of Mormon and contacted and tracked a bunch this last week. Another thing that happened last week is that I had my last trainer follow up meeting and at the end of this transfer we get to go to the mormon battalion visitor center for a celibration. Tomorrow we get to go to the temple which is really cool and I have been looking forward to it for about a week now ever since they told us that we are going. 

One thing that happend that was pretty cool was I was running low on money I have enough to buy food for the next week but the ward single adults raised money and bought us a bunch of food --  so that was a worry that was lifted. I have to go now. love you mom!

Members are the BEST!

June 19, 2017

It is hard to believe that it is week 3 of this transfer!  The weeks go by so fast but man some of the days go on forever. 

We were riding our bikes in the tri city ocean side area and to make a long story short gave our number to two people.  One of which said to come back any time and the other we were able to get a return appointment. 

This week has been so crazy, most of our dinner appointments fell through,  which wouldn't be a bad thing,  but most those dinners had potential investigators, less actives, or part member families. 

Going to the two wards really fills up our Sundays,  but we are able to meet the people that are hard to reach while we are there. 

So,  one of the wards is getting pretty hard to work with -- it seems that with the majority of the members -- if we go to their house to meet them or to ask questions will shut the door on us. The first question that we get from the members and from the bishop was, "Are you guys the new Zone Leaders?" and when we say "no" we can see their disappointment.  We have gone to two of their sacrement meetings and still havent been acknowledged in either Sacrament Meeting or Priesthood opening exersices. I am not disscaouraged in any way but I also know, now,  how the members know the people in their area and are the best finders. 

One of the things we are trying to do here is having a family/missionary council -- a family invites the missionaries over to help them learn ways they can help share the gospel with people the family has already thought about.

Over all this week has been great and part of me wishes it would go by so much slower.

Some jokes for you...😁

What's  a missionary's favorite car?

Did you hear about the guy who stopped 
brushing up on the Book of Mormon?

Why do missionaries have really big bladders?

What so they call an organization that is not LDS affiliated?

Ok... here are the answers...

A convertible

He got truth decay

They only get one P-day

Non prophet