April 2018

So this week has been good . We have a couple people that are looking real promising to become investigators. Plus conference was great. It is so fun to see the friends that I have made over this year. It's sweet to her about the temples. Hope y'all are doing well.

This week has been great we got a couple of potential that we are going to meet with. The weather is starting to get hot here in Escondido. It is so cool to be a missionary at this time. I probably won't be able to respond to you guys we have a zone activity till 6 and I won't have the internet. So love ya all and care for ya. Your all in my prayers. Thank you for all being my family. See ya all in person in a year.

This week was great. We have some lessons with a couple of people here. But most of them cancelled. That's ok though cause we have Adam, Austin, and Xavier that are all pretty good potentials. It was a pretty quick week. We get to go to the temple this week with the Mission. So that will be super exciting to do. I have been reading out of my patriarchal blessing a lot this week. Have learned a lot from that. Seeing how it has shaped my life is incredible. I would really recommend reading your blessing more often that before. I have mine in my scripture as well as in my white handbook that is in the pocket of my shirt next to my tag. I encourage y'all to place a copy of your blessing somewhere so you can read it often. The weather is starting to get hot here in Escondido. It is in the 80's and the 90's. Hope y'all are doing well and are having a great spring. I am doing great here in Cali and loving it. Talk to y'all soon.

This week has been great. Got to go to the temple it's a great place. We got to talk to a bunch of people. Hope y'all have a great week love y'all. 

So this week was great. The weather has been fantastic. Was able to do some service for a bunch of people  -- great time. We have a couple of cool potential. No real crazy stories other than. All it takes if for you to ask one question and it could change someone's life.


04/14/2018 Facebook Post -- Trials

Not sure how many of you know -- but Elder Hyde (JR) has been called to be a Facebook missionary as well as a traditional proselyting missionary.  Here is one of his posts: 
Image may contain: 11 people, including J.R. Hyde, people smiling, people standing
Trials, although they are hard, there are many things we can learn from them. To make them even better we don't have to go through them alone. I have come to know this from the scriptures and experiencing trials for myself.
One of the scripture that has greatly increased my understanding that trials are indeed for our good. And has also increased my knowledge that the Son of Man, our Savoir, Jesus Christ has experienced all the trials we have and will face. He knows what we are going through.
We should always use him as we battle struggles. For in doing so we will find comfort and strength.
Doctrine and Covenants 122:7-9
7) And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.
8) The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?
9) Therefore, hold on thy way, and the priesthood shall remain with thee; for their bounds are set, they cannot pass. Thy days are known, and thy years shall not be numbered less; therefore, fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever.


March 2018

I'm sitting here with your Grandpa Rosel and your Aunt Julie .  We're talking about the benefits ...or not... of a smart phone. What do you think are the benefits of a smartphone?  Always~Rebecca  
I think that smart phones are great. But they are like a addiction. Do we control it or does it control us. 

There are a lot of people that struggle to find what side they want to be on in the control aspect of a device. And even with that some addictions are good and some bad. You can love to workout which releases endorphins (I think that is the right word) which you can get addicted to. Working out is a good thing right. 

But the principle of being dependent on something isn't a good thing. Drugs alter and create the need and dependence on a substance to feel a certain way. Phones can be and are used in that same way. It all comes down to your diligence in what you want to do or become. 

An Olympic curler isn't going to go and become hooked on the adrenaline rush and thrilling time spent in the skeletal race. He has taken the time and effort to have the need for his sport. Bad analogy but I though it was funny. 

The point is that if you are going to use your smartphone for good that is what you will use it for. Just make sure you mormon 5:7 before it is to late.

So the the plus of having a smartphone is that things are closer to us now than before. It is just your choice how to use it.

So what the doctor said was that it is not a sprained anything no ligament damage no meniscus damage. What it is. Is last year when I hurt my knee with the cartilage damage on the femur. Because of that I have a cyst from the trauma. So a bone sits on the outside contact face of the knee. So it would changing the face of it slowly the doc said that they could do surgery on it but it wouldn't change the way my knee feels right now so he said to wait the way my knee look I will probably need to get a replacement when I am in my 60s. As for surgery it is a bone plug and a really long recovery time. The pain I felt wasn't from a ligament damage or meniscus tear. It is the pain of the lack of cartilage and the cyst hitting the bone. He said the knee looks good the ligaments and the meniscus looks great and healthy. A bit of wear but nothing crazy. So he said continue playing sports your going to have pain if you do or don't.  ---Ya so my knee is good the doc said that I should have any limitations keeping me from sports. So p days are good I have been getting back into it and am so close to dunking. I can hit my wrist on the rim bit not with a ball. My approach is toast but getting better. I know to take it easy so when if it was to start to hurt I would stop. But it hasn't since December. 

What a week. It has been great i love the members in the YSA ward in is super different being with people my age but they still look to you like your older. Facebook is different it has been nice though cause we have been able to get in contact with potential investigators that don't reply to texts. This week I has to teach a Satanist because the bear valley sisters don't drop people that have no desire to learn. Now we are are having our phone blown up by this freak kid that is all talk over the phone and no show. He is a weird kid. Man. 

On a fun note a cashier tried to give me her number. After I told this guy that was giving her a hard time at the circle k asking every one of 5 bucks for gas. He said he would leave so I paid for 5 bucks of gas and he left. I guess that he was coming into the store a lot asking her for every thing. I didn't care but he left and she asked if she could give me her number. I explained that I was flattered but I am on a mission. My comp is great the YSA work is a lot of stop byes bit I am able to do so much more inspired tracting. We stop by a YSA person and knock 2 doors in the area just whichever ones we feel like. We are starting to get  a lot of meals here the adults assigned to the ward are a big help and man I love the people in the ward.

This is my zone. Elder Daniels is my comp the one I am close to. I don't know if you can tell but I am down to 220 now. I am wearing my new suit. Love this zone.- I am uncharted of a relief society

I have had to drive a lot this week. There was a point when the car we drive was covered in mud because of the dirt roads in our area. But the sisters still get the truck and they never use it. We got a referral. went to check it out. well he is a satanist. Fun time ya fun time. we have been on the college campuses a couple of times this week. Other than that nothing has really happened other than driving other missionaries around.  

Well it has been a great week. It is week 6 of the transfer so I will know if every thing stays the same or if it changes next pday. We were able to talk some people through their concerns this week. It is crazy the amount of people that rely only on their knowledge and not the knowledge given from God. We got to drive up to 5500 feet to see some people. Which is crazy cause the normal part of our area is only a little above sea level. Studied and still am studying a lot about mercy and justice. Helping Dan about understanding the atonement is sweet. I knew this already bit it is so true you gain so much knowledge from studying for someone else. I got to see the ocean as well 

So Elder Uchtdorf came to the mission on Friday he told us a lot about enjoying your time out here -- 
I could tell he was a apostle by his eyes 

Where in the world is Elder Hyde?


Well the transfer just ended.  Elder Daniels and I are getting split up. He is going to Oceanside and I get Elder Watrin. He is a real shy guy who came put with my greenie. So we will see how this next transfer goes. 

I loved my comp we are getting split up here in the YSA he is going to ocean side and I get a pretty shy kid. I am still here in the YSA and broke I I will get out had 4 dallors for 2 weeks. Man. But the ward has signed up for meals every day next month so let's see if that lasts if it does that would be great. The sisters in our ward get feed all the time. It's that way in all of the ward splits.

My knee is doing great. The money is no problem. I feel bad when spending money. It's all good though go through hard time  -- makes me learn. Life's been great though.   I loved my companion l. So Elder Daniels is a 27 year old guy  -- we got along so well. He is one I will go back and see.

February 2017

This week was super fast, once again. It is week six of the transfers and I will know what is going to happen this Saturday. Other than that my work here presses forward. We picked up 2 people this week Jahna and Fran. They are great. Have a couple of more people lined up to talk to. Have a great week you guys. I'll just be here were it is still sunny and 75.
(We found our current investigators) From going through the old teaching record, one from a potential list and the others from tracting and contacting. this whole zone is great full of amazing missionaries and President thomas is great 

My knee is great feeling really Good. I still take it easy and will do for a while just to make sure. Escondido is great.  It is hot here, though, high 80's last week and this week and next. Crazy but it is short sleeve weather. The phones are weird I dont quite like it. The gospel library app is nice cause I have all the stuff now for lessons and studies. I picked up my last investigator on friday with paper scriptures it was nice to actual get a lesson in not just a role play. I have never felt that this is not were i am supposed to be.  It is great!!!!

In the vista 5th ward, I had two family I was related to through the Leavitt. 

I dont have any of the pants I came out with. I broke the thigh seams on a couple of them while rideing my bike. And the other wore out. All the ties I have come out with are sun faded. But my shirts are still whitish thanks to oxyclean and members who washed my shirts when I got stuff thrown at me.  Slushies hurt when they hit you. There's a lot of great mexican food down here --- didn't like it all that much back home,  but I love it now.
I have seen it (the ocean) a couple of times and that is all. I have been in the middle of the mission , but that is no problem cause that is all I wanted was to serve in Vista and Escondido. I got my dream mission 

Well, I am getting transferred out of the Discovery Hills Ward.  I am going to the Palomar Young Single Adults ward. It will be weird -- covering a ward were all the members are around my age  -- but I am excited!  That is all that happened this week hope all y'alls week went well. Till next week

So transfer news! 
It was really crazy this week. Elder Willard and I are going to part ways. They split my zone into the Escondido zone and the San Marcos zone. So he is going to be a ZL  in the Escondido zone and I will be the ZL  in the San Marcos zone. Then to add on that I am being moved to the Palomar young single adults ward here.
 It is going to be real weird cause I will be with kids my age. The YSA  covers two colleges --but I heard a lot of good things. 
 I love the companion I am going to get. 
I went mountain biking with Elder Lindquist this morning --  I love that kid!  It has been so much fun serving around him again. 

The church tour here went great we had 10 investigators show.
 We have the second half of the zone doing the tour again today. The week has been great.  

I am still serving in the Escondido stake so good byes are pretty funny. The relationships you can make with members are great. Me with the Marshalls, Treibers then the Bolsters, them me and elder Willard at the church tour while setting it up, half the zone at the church tour. Me with the Toatafas.


I am doing real well. Don't need anything -- thanks you. I will miss my old comp Willard -- was a lot of fun and we got so much done here -- it was great. It has been, so far,  that if I like my comp or if they work hard -- I only get them for 1 transfer but if not then I get them for 2 transfers.


So the YSA Mission life is not that bad.  It is different than the family wards I have been in before.  Not the same at all.  I have a great companion who loves to work.  We have both been out a year.  We are now an official online proselyting mission. So odd.  Other than that nothing really happened here in Escondido.


January 2018 -- Hitting The Pavement

Well,  this last week has been great. It is finally 2018!!! 

I never would have thought that I would have had the experiences I have had this year. I have been spit on, had slushees and coffee thrown on me, plenty of people yell and cuss at me, dog bites,great friends, fantastic members, wonderful people, and amazing learning opportunities. I wouldn't trade it for anything. If you are thinking of going on a mission I would highly recommend it!!

I don't have any crazy stories to tell from this week. And the only interesting news is that my companion Elder Figgins is leaving for Oceanside. I am staying here in San Marcos and get Elder Willard,  who I served along with in Vista.  Never thought I would get him as a companion - mostly because he is a Spanish missionary and I am English. He is a great missionary and I am super excited to see what happens this year.

I hope that your break was great. What is your plans for 2018? How was New Years for ya?  Hope all was good.   I have my mri on the 16th.  I feel fine, so I am not that worried about it. I get a new companion today so we will see how that goes. Take care, mom. Hope all goes well for you! Love you.  My goal for this year is to become a better friend to my Savior. 

So,  it rained the whole day, a week ago, and this place flooded.  One road ran like a river, as high as just barely below my knees. Got completely soaked, but is was great!

We have been hitting the pavement hard this week (thanks for the new shoes). We have a solid week lined up with appointments. The hard work finally pays off. The members are so cool! If we are walking trying to see people are they are going out for lunch they just tell us to get in the car and feed us lunch. 

The weather has been heavenly --straight 72 degrees this week and sunny (glad i am not in Ukraine. Melody have fun in the snow). Other than that not to much to say other than it is a great time on a mission i love it and its never going to change no matter where you are serving.  (Oh, I am having so much fun in the snow, thank you!! Sestra Weiler)


Not really sure what to write down in the subject line. So hey is a good starter right? This week Elder Willard and I ended up walking into the exodus of a feminist protest. To the funnest time they are not really in the mood to listen to our message. It was a good thing that the protest was over when we walked through. Thank y'all for the letters they are great. We have been walking a lot to talk to people on the streets and at parks. Other than that the week has gone by fast already half way through the transfer.

This week was great. We hit the pavement hard and got 7 new potential investigators. All with a return appointment for this week. It is looking really good really exciting. It has been a while. The members here are great really want to help us with work and they are all starting to find people for us to meet.  

We were walking and a gangster pulls up in his low car and asks us if we are thirsty.  He then tells us to meet him at Taco Bell gives us $8 ... then drives off. Ya, that older gangs respect us -- it is the younger kids that don't care  --  they don't have the same respect for Jesus as the older ones do 


December 2017 -- Hot Time In the Ole Mish Tonight


So this week went great, as normal. We got to go to the San Diego temple.  It is a pretty place. 

We have been spending a lot of time finding people to teach, not much success, but at least I can meet new people, which I love to do, and keeps us busy during the day. 

This Sunday we got all the elders in the Zone to go caroling. It was a lot of fun, but kindof crazy that people will still shut the door in your face even when people are sining Christmas carols to them. On Saturday we helped the Methodist church in Escondido built a Bethlehem scene in their courtyard for the Bethlehem walk they do for Christmas. It is walk that takes you back in time to when Jesus was born, there are actors walking around and live animals in the stables. The old guy in charge of it would tell me that over and over and over again.  I don't think he believed I knew who Christ is.

I didn't really meet anyone that was crazy this week just a few people who don't like us in the mobile home park. Telling us that solicitors are not allowed there. So, we have started to say, " thank you (ma'am or sir) we are here to see members of our church congregation. But I will make sure to tell any solicitors that I see that they can't be here. Have a blessed day."  Love those southern sayings.  

Then to add on that I ran into 5 people that just try to bash but they always use the same things and always think that I don't know the bible. People are just crazy. I wouldn't trade this for anything.

Front Row: 
Me and Elder Figgins Comp
2nd Row: 
Sister Calderwood, Sister Portez, Sister Hamblin, Sister Fogg, Sister Wells, Elder Page, 
                Elder Van Dike, Elder Wall and Elder Flitton 
3rd Row: 
Sister Burdos
4th Row: 
Sister Gee, Sister Lee, Sister Fifita, Elder Cromer, 
Elder Lundquist(MTC Comp Love the Guy) Elder Noble, and Elder Draper
It is only half of the Zone I have 38 missionaries here including us in Escondido   

So this week was pretty eventful for me and the missionaries here in Carlsbad. The lilac fire was the closest to us down in Escondido. It was about 15 miles away from our house. It was coming right for our area till the wind changed. People here were finally happy for the Santa Anna winds, the flames started to move to the coast and burned down fallbrook and bonsai. All the missionaries in those areas got displaced and are in other areas for the time being. 

This is not photo from Elder Hyde -- Fire closing in on Vista CA
As for me I went on exchanges to the crazy town of Escondido again this time. We gave blessing to a lady that loves getting into fights and just got back from jail from the last fight she started. 

I had a eighty year old lady feel my chest by saying that she loved my tie then grab my arm when we were walking away telling me that she wants me to come back. 

Ate dinner with a active atheist that only comes to church cause he likes the music.  We got sick after that and think  maybe he tried to poison us:). 

Then when we were walking back from dinner we were hearing sirens going off like crazy and right after we step out of the private road.  We saw way the sirens were going off. There was 3 police cars chasing a suburban.  And man! --  were they flying. Burning rubber and topping out that old suburban. We were about 5 steps when that suburban drifted right into the road we were walking down followed by all the cars after that. We were protected on that one cause Elder Wall was going to go to the bathroom but decided not to, or if we would not have shared a message with the atheist -- We would have still been on the road in the middle of all the commotion.  That is all the stuff that is going on over here in Escondido and it is great. 

Mom, I am safe here.

Well, this week was fun.  I gave a training in Zone conference had to stand for about 3 hours and talk about the Why What and How of Personal Study.  It was great but I was so tried afterward. The weather has been in the low 50 in the morning and at night -- so the jackets have been really nice while caroling. Other than that nothing crazy happened this week.  Hope yall had and have a great week. Till next week  

This week some crazy things did happen,  I just wasn't going to put it in the mass email. So, I will just say it cause I don't know how to write it -- I messed my knee up again.  On P-day,  I was running  -- not full speed but faster than a jog towards some missionaries - when a small missionary stepped infront of me.  I side stepped on some really nasty uneven ground and my knee shot in and heard or felt a pop IDK I just know there was a pop. I don't really know what I did.  I can walk on it.  It doesn't hurt if I don't move it.  I wear my knee brace all the time.  It is crazy how one second can change the future  



Well,  the weather was great here... as normal.  We enjoyed temperatures in the 70's the whole week. Nothing too crazy happened this week --  other than it went by way to fast. We did some service this week.  It was great and then we had Christmas. It is a pretty hard day to work cause not a ton of people want to have you talk to them even though they are home. All in all it is a great time here. 

Hope that all your guys Christmas was great and you all had a great time. Have a safe happy New Years.


November 2017 -- It's A Small World


So this week has been a little bit different mostly because it has been overcast. Which was nice because it has been in the 60's all week.
 I have been on a lot of exchanges 
this last week  -- which is fun because  I get to talk to and get 
to know a bunch of different Elders. 
We have been working hard to find people that would be interested in hearing our message. 
Which is sweet cause there are so many people that live here and if I wasn't out here to talk to them I would never get to hear their story. 
It is like some people look up at the stars at night and marvel at the sight and vastness of the sky, but I have never really done that. To me it is when I am stopped at a stop light and look at all the peoples faces and think about each one of these faces has a story that has been going on for a while and is still being written at the same time as mine own. I marvel at the fact that I may never get to learn all of their stories, but I know that as soon as we meet  -- I am part of their story.  And that's what I am trying to do get my name in as many stories as I can.:)  

Spent a whole day in Spanish work, rode my bike a lot, saw a ton of crazy people, got a lot of pictures of cool cars, took some members of the ward out to do work, had to jump start missionaries cars, planned a video for our zone welcome, went to 4 district meetings and a bunch of church meetings, got yelled and cussed out by plenty of people while tracting, got a 40 pound weight vest from a member, taught seminary cause we were voluntold along with being volentold for choir, knocked on a lot of doors, talked to a lot of people, handed out a lot of copies of the Book of Mormon, got bit by a dog which ripped my pants, Plan-plan-prepare, taught lessons, eat dinner, give blessings, say prayers, lots of prayers, study the Book of Mormon, Study the Bible, study Preach My Gospel, share scriptures, bare testimony,Tell people that the Book of Mormon was writen a long time ago- translated a little while ago- but you can read it today, Talk about prophets, miracles on miracles on miracles, see peoples day brighten, have a hard time then a great time( way more great times), Always have a laugh ( People are funny), learn, teach, preach, listen, then learn again, Get inspiration were to go, have a great door side conversation, then have one shut in you face :), have people yell at you to come on in to their house to tell we do a great job and that they are thankful but not interested, talk to a Jehovah Witness that only speaks Spanish but understand the whole thing, People tell you they are not a fan of Joseph Smith which is a good thing cause they are a person not a fan, Blank stares, great come back, stupid cheesy jokes, Walking like Bigfoot from bluff creek film, inside jokes, naps, workout for 30 mins, hate the alarm clock then love it, Spanish referrals, talk to someone, ask them how they are doing, Play basketball in a white shirt and tie. no tread on shoes, ties are the only fun we have on a outfit, these are just some of the things that i do in a week, And i would trade it for a thing in the world. Love to work, LOVE the People, LOVE GOD. 

So this last week was transfer week and I am so glad that I am staying here in the Discovery Hills Ward in Escondido stake. I am thankful that  I get to keep my companion,  Elder Figgins, for another transfer. Other than that nothing really that new has gone on. We have been working with a part member family and he has said that he wants to start taking the missionary lessons. so that was a great day. A lot of less actives have texted us out of the blue this week saying how then need to come back to church and that they want our help and they set times for us to come over to talk with them. It is so good to see hard work pay off. I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that it is fun for ya'll.


Well, this week was great! It was hard to see a friend go home from the mission but that happens when you finish the 2 years. Don't have to much fun Elder Phillips. Other that that it has been great.  We have been working a lot with the less active part member families here and they are all so cool. Things are going great here and the #light the world is really exciting. Hope y'all have a great week and have fun getting in the Christmas mood.

The number of missionaries in Escondido zone is now up to 37 --  which is crazy there are a lot of cool missionaries here. Just to show how small the world is one of the missionaries that is here for the transfer waiting on a visa is Sister Gee.  She is is my zone for this transfer. It was pretty fun to connect that we kindof knew each other. I was getting to know the new missionaries in our zone and she said she was from Rexburg.  I asked if she was really from Sugar City, because I lived there for a little while and remembered there were a lot of Gee families from Sugar City. Then she looked at my name tag and asked if my dad was John Hyde.


I said, "O ya he is!". 
Then she remembered that we went to church together all because her dad still talks about John Hyde all the time.