I made it here safe.


So, we had to get up at 315 in the morning to head out of the MTC to get to the airport.  We got there around 530, through TSA by 645 and our flight started to board at 720.  While we were waiting a guy came up to us and trying arguing with us about the Book of Mormon and that the Bible says no more books-- but he didn't want to listen to anything we said --  so after he was done we walked over to our flight and got in line. One of the desk ladies called us over (Elder Lundquist, Sister Corona and I) and bumped us all to first class. 

We got to the airport and met President Thomas and his wife, they are great people love them, and the AP who helped us get our bags and load them in the truck, we then drove to Vista. 

We had interviews and a little training. Then they feed us lunch --  I guess that it is a tradition that the new missionaries have to eat a California burrito - I got a hamburger burrito. 

After that we went to another room and I got my trainer Elder Pond he is a great guy. I really enjoy him and he is a great worker.  I am in an administrative car area, so I do need to by a bike soon.  The zone leader is letting me use one of theirs because they are in a car area. I met a couple of the people in the ward and they are great for the members in the they feed us dinner every night. We are assigned to work in the Vista 5th Ward.  I love the area. 
I love you all! AND Terrance,  you will love the mission field.

What is happening over at the Hyde's house in Georgia. 

It is great here in Carlsbad the weather is great. 

My P-days are normally on Mondays but because we arrived yesterday the whole mission's Pday was moved to today. 

So, my first area is the Vista 5 ward and I love the area. In July the mission is going to take a trio to the Battalion Visitor Center  -- so that will be cool. 

Tell Leavitt "awoooooo". And Cindy, Loralee and Anna that I wish them luck in school and I pray for them. Shea, my first car is also a red Corolla. 

I witnessed my first protest. They have one in the same place every Tuesday. 

Love you dad and have fun in your new calling --  you will do great. I love you mom. I am doing great out here and I know that you will do great at work and if you do decide to go back to school. 

One thing I found and challenge myself to do is write where I have used my agency in the last day and then write the blessings I got from it -- so I can read it like I read the scripture and I want you all to know that you can never fall or fail if you read the Book of Mormon.

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