Excited ...

This week went by really fast. A lot of classes before we leave here. Went to the temple again today it is always great. Got a new district this week and they just started to open up and talk more. One of the things I loved the most is when I would go and introduce the new missionaries --  their spirit is great.​​

Not much else happened this week other than I am exited to get to my mission. Sorry I don't have any other things to say other than I love you guys  -- all of you. 

front: malstede,andrews, teague, sammons hughes, 
scott  back: torrio me lewis lundquist larsen braley

on the front row left to right goes sister hughes sister sammons sister scott back row goes me sister teague sister malstede sister andrews then Elder Lundquist.

f: teague and sammons
b:shepard(teacher) andrews malstede hughes scott lundquist Bro lee(teacher) me

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