Life here at the MTC is great.

Elder Lundquist and I taught two investigators this week, Huck (Austin) Huckvale and Dennis Everett.  They are great people and wish them luck in their lives.  It is crazy how much you can love someone so quick and get so much joy when they come closer to Heavenly Father. 

Went to the temple today with the whole zone which got a new district after the last one left  -- four new elders and four new sisters. They are all really cool.  I have been to the temple twice now at the MTC and it is great just like always. 

Elder Lundquist and I have been the new zone leaders for almost a week now -- got asked to do it last Sunday -- so i carry around a zone phone --  It is a weird feeling to have a phone go off in your pocket at the MTC. We got 8 new missionaries 4 elders and 4 sisters to our zone this week and will get the same amount of elders and sisters this up coming week. The six sisters in my district are fun to be around and we are all getting really close. It gets fun around mail time cause they remind me about checking it all the time. 

I play volleyball during exercise time and on p-days, and I wish I would have played back home, because it is really fun to play.

The letters from dear Elder are really nice to read. My MTC address is Elder Hyde, California Carlsbad Mission, 2005 N. 900 E. Unit 77, Provo,UT 84604

Tomorrow we get a special Easter Sunday devotional --  looking forward to it. I got my travel plans -- I leave the MTC on the 24 at 350 in the morning and fly to San Diego.  Will be there at 9 in the morning --  looking forward to that. 

I wish all those serving and preparing to serve the best of luck. 

This calling is great. 

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