So far So good... (W2itF)

This week has been great. We had a lot of meetings that we had to drive to so that was nice with the A/C. But other than that we walk and bike a lot. I never thought that California had so many hills, it is fun to ride up the hills but especially fun to ride down the hills. 

We have had a lot of referrals sent to us and when we went to visit them they all seem really promising. 

The investigator we have right now is Jacob and when we taught him he told us about the experience with prayer the couple days before. He was trying to decide which college and scholarship he should pick and decided to say a prayer and ask where he should go. After he said the prayer he got a feeling that he couldn't describe but knew that he had felt it after the last lesson we had. His prayer was answered and he realizes what the feeling was. 

The rest of the week was great to some members bought my companion some new shoes. 

Every time our codes for the gated communities doesn't work --a car pulls up and we can get in. 

Then last night while we were walking back to our apartment we met up with this 84 year old lady walking the same way. Her name is Helga and she immigrated to the US from Germany. She walks the same path twice a day. So that night she walked with us and talked about how she only hears good things about the Mormons and that she loves to learn more. When we split up I gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. I don't know if anything will play off of that experience but hopefully she had a good experience with us. I really do love this place and love the people here.

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