Keep your eye on God...

On Sunday we were biking in the rain and this guy pulled up 
and asked if we wanted a ride. 
We didn't need one but I felt like saying yes 
--so,  did. 

The guy, Jack, throws our bikes in the back of the truck and then  --- drove off. --- 😭
Front Room
My desktop.

THAT would have been a story to write home about 
-- even if it would have been really depressing  -- 

if it had happened -- 
but it didn't.  😀

Jack was a super nice guy and love to talk and talk. He preached to us about how we need to be born again 
and if I didn't know better I would say that he is a Born-Again Christian. 
He tried to bash test our knowledge of the Bible, but  the spirit really helped me out!  
Whenever he would be quoting a scripture, he would pause and wait for us to finish it --
some how, even though I had no clue were the scripture was in the Bible, 
I was able to somehow say the right words that were in the verse(s).  
Then he started to use the "don't add" things to the Bible 
 and "the Bible says don't have any other books in revelations."  
I don't like to bash because the Spirit is not there
  but I could have said a lot of things to contradict him -- 
He said that if you change the word brother to beloved the meaning is different 
and that is what he does, 
so if that is what "he does" then that is changing the Bible  - right?!?. 
And that whole revelations no more scriptures/books stuff -- 
I could have asked for the Bible that he had in his truck and turned to Deuteronomy 4:2 --
then ripped the rest of the book out say "there is your real bible", 
then turn around and leave 
I didn't want to do that --- there was no point --- he would have drove away unhappy 
and that is not the goal. 
So I gave him my testimony and said, "Keep your eye on God."  
I shook his hand after a hour of talking and we parted ways. 
Most of what he said was mingled with false truth, 
but one of the things he said that holds true 
 -- is that when we dwell on and act on what Satan tells us -- it becomes a sin. 
We should hear and hearken to the Good Shepherd -- 
if we hear a stranger call to us then we don't hearken unto him 
because that stranger is not our master.  

The weather here is great!  😎
I have already gotten way tanner and the short sleeve tan lines are fun to see on p days.  
We are going to help with a Mother's Day booth -- if it goes well I may have it sent to you.


So, really not TOO much happened this week -- but,

I did finally buy my bike!!!!
 I don't have to borrow one any more.

The bike was on sale for $200 off.  I also bought a 2-year warranty for an unlimited amount of tune ups and flats, 
3-crank cleanings and about 10 other 5-times check up and fix things all for free 
at a big chain of bike shops -- that are all over the US  -- on the east and west coasts.  
I also opted to get the pedal shoe cup  -- which works great. 

I have only fallen off once -- 
... when I was doing wheelies.   
I leaned back to far and fell off backwards --
 landed on my butt
 but it didn't hurt this week.  

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