All We Wanted Was A #

Nothing much happened this week to talk about other than it was great seeing my family AND we got a referral from Sister Andrews for Jeff who was in the hospital after stomach surgery.  After we gave him a blessing and talked for a while about why he fell away from the church we were walking out and it is crazy the amount of people that recognize us. Other than that it is crazy how fast missionary works goes when you follow the rules. How has every ones first couple of weeks been? 

OH.... I almost forgot -- So while we were biking on Sycamore, we found this wallet on the side of the road all thrown around so we picked it all up and looked around for some ID. In that process we found that this lady had all of her ID( drivers, social, ect.) in it along with her checks,debit and credit cards. We would have just given it to the closest store -- Star Bucks--  but since her social was in it we decided to just hand it over to the cops which took 20 mins, but we didn't have the vista sheriffs # so we walked into star bucks to ask for the #.  The first person we were about to ask got really mean after we asked for a favor.  He started talking loudly about how he didn't have time for us. So, I went over to the cashier and said loudly we found this wallet and we wanted to ask for the # of the police station to get a cop to come and get the wallet because her social security card was in her wallet. Then other people started to ask if they could help us get the #. At the end of the day we got a call from the lady which made the day worth it.

JR's district did a Mother's Day booth -- this is the video the DLs put together. Mother's Day Video

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