If We Truly KNOW It

The weather here is great my tan lines are crazy defined now. It has been in the mid to low 80 this week and could get to the high 80 soon but that is fine I like the heat here. Riding my bike here is great cardio and a workout mostly because we take the routes with the biggest hills so we can ride down them after we make our visits. 

We picked up another investigator named James --  so now we have three. Two of them are friends from the youth in our ward, these kids are great. 

This whole week whenever we are walking through neighborhoods we get the classic -- " You know that there is no soliciting here, right?!?" All we do is be polite and say either yes ma'am or yes sir we are going to see (one of the members of our ward). Elder Pond and I have a lot of comebacks that we think of and want to use but we never do. 

I like to try different contacting techniques,  so this week I am using "Have you heard about family search.org" --  to get people to talk to us. So far it has worked, the first time I did it the guy stopped and prayed for us. It turned out that he is a preacher from Florida visiting his son -- so we got preached to again. 

One of the things that I read this week was in Mosiah 18: 4, 6 --  [(4) And it came to pass that as many as did believe him did go forth to a place which was called Mormon, having received its name from the king, being in the borders of the land having been infested, by times or at seasons, by wild beasts.  (6) And it came to pass that as many as believed him went thither to hear his words.] while reading at the end of verse 4 it talks about wild beasts and in Enos 1:3 (Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart.) --

I like to talk about him hunting beasts as more of the beast being something that troubles us like sin on a weakness that makes us uncomfortable or scared, then going back to Mosiah. I like asking the people I share this with "do we go to places that may make us uncomfortable to share the good word? Do we share the word with people that we may be scared will not like us any more because we shared something that we cherish to a friend? There is strength in being like Abinadi and being bold while taking cause if we can be bold then we truly know it and if we truly know it  -- we can say it.
Anyway --that was one of the things I thought of this week. which has gone by so fast.

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