"Hi Elders" and HONKs

This week has been great.

We have done a lot of walking this week and will have to do it again next. 

It takes along time BUT I enjoy it -- because people are able to see us -- so we get a lot of "Hi Elders!" and honks. 

The other reason is that I can wave at oncoming cars. I tried for a little while to count the amount of cars but there are just to many. Along with that when we are walking I can relate to other people that are outside easier. The reason we walk so much now instead of bike is because Elder Pond's bike has no brakes and since California has a lot of hills. Riding front brakes only doesn't work to well. 

So I am doing well -- and am in good health. Do we have new missionaries in the ward? Tell them to keep at it and have fun. That is one of the things that has made this time fly by. I mean the end of the transfer is this weekend and it goes by real fast --  even when I am not having a good day -- waving at people while we are walking and then to see their smiles -- completely renews me  -- it is great. 

I took some picture but forgot the camera, so sorry. One of the funny things to see here is the protest on the street every Tuesday.

HEY it was fun to hear from you guys.  Could you pray for our two investigators Jacob and James?

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