So this week has been pretty cool. Elder Pond got his transfer call on the third and he is going to the Oceanside 3rd ward to be the new zone leader out there. Which was really weird cause he was supposed to train me for the first 12 weeks. 

Then I get my call, I get to stay in the Vista 5th ward and have to white wash the Vista 10th ward. So now Elder Cattage who is my new companion and I have to ward share which should be fun. 

Another thing that happened this past week has been that while we were walking this guy stopped us while he was pulling out of a gas station and asked if we were Mormons. We said,  "yes"  then he asked if he had to be Mormon to go to church with us. After we told him no anyone can go he asked if the building across the street was the building to go to and it was we told him the time and gave him our number cause he wanted to know if he could meet our bishop also. Then he drove away, we didn't think that we were going to hear or see him again. THEN, on Sunday,  while we were walking in to the chapel  -- Brother Jeppson came over and told us that this non-member was sitting on his row and his name was Maxwell. So we sat with him, answered questions and invited him to hear more about the church and he said he would.  

Also, this week we helped a family move her family out of their apartment because her 9 year old daughter has been stalked for the last six months and it has gotten worse each time they try to get the cops or the apt manager involved.  

I should have more pictures next week cause I am going mountain biking on Calavara today. It is a volcano in my area with a lot of mountain biking trails on it.
(This missionary mom -- isn't too happy about that idea.)

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