Splash of a Rainbow by Angela A Stanton: A high dynamic range (HDR) photograph of a stormy day in California with a short but fat rainbow. We normally don't see clouds like this in Southern California so for us clouds (any cloud.. even a tiny one) is worthy of a photograph and makes the news! :)
Photo of SoCal Stormy Weather -- Not by JR
The weather here has been great. we get a couple of days of june gloom -- but it is ok cause days like today are wonderful. 

Having two wards is a different experience -- but is great -- we now have a car because the Vista 10th Ward area is huge -- and is spread out with winding roads and no side walks -- completely different than the Vista 5th. There are just so many things that make missionary work so great.  

We taught Jacob to yesterday after taking him to a baptism.  Man,  I love this kid.
On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 12:10 PM, Shealyn Hyde wrote:

Sounds like great times!! What did Jacob think of baptism?

When he prayed, he said, "Thank you for helping me know that this church is true." I am going to invite him again next lesson cause we are going to be at the Hervey's house and they are his good friends. He told us that he feels at this point in his life he need to find and act in a religion. He told me that I am one of his best friends for helping him find this truth 

He asked about the Doctrine & Convenants -- so, we explained it and then we showed him the WOW and we read it at the end of the lesson -- which he thought was amazing that the revelation was given before the world knew the problems. 

The Spirit helped us bear some great testimonies throughout the whole lesson.  We talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost and how it is different than just feeling the Holy Ghost.  And we talked about how we get it as a promise after we are baptized -- He loved that. We read a bit from the Articles of Faith and are giving him a copy of them this week.  He just makes my day whenever I see him! It is that light of Christ growing in him that re-emphasizes the reason I came out -- to help those that want the light.

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