Members are the BEST!

June 19, 2017

It is hard to believe that it is week 3 of this transfer!  The weeks go by so fast but man some of the days go on forever. 

We were riding our bikes in the tri city ocean side area and to make a long story short gave our number to two people.  One of which said to come back any time and the other we were able to get a return appointment. 

This week has been so crazy, most of our dinner appointments fell through,  which wouldn't be a bad thing,  but most those dinners had potential investigators, less actives, or part member families. 

Going to the two wards really fills up our Sundays,  but we are able to meet the people that are hard to reach while we are there. 

So,  one of the wards is getting pretty hard to work with -- it seems that with the majority of the members -- if we go to their house to meet them or to ask questions will shut the door on us. The first question that we get from the members and from the bishop was, "Are you guys the new Zone Leaders?" and when we say "no" we can see their disappointment.  We have gone to two of their sacrement meetings and still havent been acknowledged in either Sacrament Meeting or Priesthood opening exersices. I am not disscaouraged in any way but I also know, now,  how the members know the people in their area and are the best finders. 

One of the things we are trying to do here is having a family/missionary council -- a family invites the missionaries over to help them learn ways they can help share the gospel with people the family has already thought about.

Over all this week has been great and part of me wishes it would go by so much slower.

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