Things are Heat'n UP

June 26, 2017

So,  the June gloomy is over and the weather just keeps on getting hotter.

 If I was closer to the ocean side of the mission it would stay in the 70s but since I am in the middle of the mission it gets into the 90 a lot of the time. 
It is still better than in Temecula were it gets in to the 110 frequently. 

This week has been great.  We contacted a bunch of people --  which is cool because we seem to always be in the car -- make it hard to contact people.

I am really starting to learn the second ward that we cover this transfer. It is cool to see the way your outlook changes about people in the ward and areas when you pray and try to learn all you can about it. 

There are so many muscle and rare cars here that we see while we are going around. When we get the chance we try to talk to them. The amount of times that you get shut down or people yell at you for being in there area at the park, store, street, or fast food place really helps you enjoy the time when people will talk to you or wave back while they are driving.   

So we put Jacob on date for July 15, handed out 4 book of Mormon and contacted and tracked a bunch this last week. Another thing that happened last week is that I had my last trainer follow up meeting and at the end of this transfer we get to go to the mormon battalion visitor center for a celibration. Tomorrow we get to go to the temple which is really cool and I have been looking forward to it for about a week now ever since they told us that we are going. 

One thing that happend that was pretty cool was I was running low on money I have enough to buy food for the next week but the ward single adults raised money and bought us a bunch of food --  so that was a worry that was lifted. I have to go now. love you mom!

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