July 3,2017

SO this week has gone bye so fast, again!  We have had so many eetings,interview, training, and the temple. 

We got to go to the San Diego temple last Tuesday. It is so pretty to walk around it. It is so cool to see how you can become such great friends with the members here. There are a lot of really cool and fun people that will do love to help out. 

Last Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Phillips who is from Power Springs Georgia  -- so it was fun to talk about things we both knew about. 

The dinner appointment we had that day was with the Thompson family, and they gave us each a huge full rack of ribs. It was a lot of food and she told us that if we didn't finish it she would cry. They are a fun family. 

So today was fun I didn't realize that it was my B-Day until I was walking out the door of my apartment -- to go do my laundry -- and someone had made a cupcake with a happy B-Day Elder Hyde note on it. So, that was fun. Life is great.   

IT is kinda scary  -- cause these first two transfers have been going by so fast.  They say the longer you are a missionary they will go by even faster. 

Vanilla is my favorite cake. 

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